Use the invite code Pipipro to get 1pi + 25% basic pi + 20% security pi. You determine to persist in pressing pi every day to hold pi for the longest time so that you can become rich. Don’t use pi too soon, you’ll regret it later

Step 1: Download app Pi network on IOS/CHplay

Step 2: Create a Pi network account with your phone number

 Create a Pi network account with your phone number

1.Click Continue with phone number

  • The first line selects the country code:
  • Line 2 fill in your std (remove leading zeros, for example 0983535xxx – remove zeros, only enter 983535xxx)
  • Click Go

2. Create a password for the account

Create a password for the account and then click Submit (Password is at least 8 characters including uppercase + lowercase letters + numbers

3.Create personal information for the account

  • Requires to fill in your first and last name exactly according to National ID or Passport
  • create a username for your account, the username cannot be the same as anyone

Step 3: Enter invite code: Pipipro

Code “Pipipro” is the referral code of When you enter this invite code you are immediately given 1 pi and +25% of the basic pi + 20% of the security pi every day for mining together. Please join Group Pi Networ Global 40K members!

Step 4: Start Mining Pi Coin

Step 5: Verify Phone Number/facebook

  • Why need to verify phone number/facebook?
  • Phone number or facebook is the first database to identify who is the owner of the Pi network account. Also used to change/retrieve pi account password.
  • The official phone number / facebook account registered with pi network also helps protect you from legal trouble if someone tries to steal your pi account.
    -So you need to verify phone number/facebook right after setting up pi account. See instructions for verifying your phone number /facebook

Step 6: Complete mainnet list in Pi app menu

Step 7: Learn Pi coin mining methods (security circle + node + ambassador)

please search on website

Step 8. Pi Core Team Official Links

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Support email:

Pi Blockexplorer:

Pi Network Wiki:

Pi network support port:

Social Network Twitter:

Social Network Instagram:

Social Network Facebook:

Youtube Channel:

Telegram channel:

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